Jian Ku
Jian Ku


Member | August 2022

Jian Ku

When did you join Strength Camp SF?

- December 2021

Why did you join Strength Camp?

- I have always learned from non-professional friends & youtube videos about lifting, but I felt like I wasn't doing a lot of exercises correctly or my program's not the most efficient because I didn't have professional supervision, which had led to lots of injuries. So I joined Strength Camp to learn how to lift heavy with proper techniques under professional supervision, while protecting my body from physically demanding work. Due to COVID19, I felt very anxious about attending crowded commercial gyms. With the class-based system in Strength Camp, there were much less people I had to share the equipments with, which made me feel safer & more comfortable.

Can you describe your top 3 goals you had before starting?

  1. To learn how to lift heavy without injuring myself
  2. To improve the perception of my body image
  3. To make new friends in SF

Can you list your achievements you’ve had since beginning at Strength Camp?

- I’ve relearned how to do the conventional deadlift without triggering chronic back pain- Learned a proper strength training program through the percentage system, instead of trying to hit the heaviest weight during every session

- Constantly challenging myself with different types of exercises I have never encountered, such as speed & balance training, which are all fundamentals to lifting heavy

What compliments have you received since joining Strength Camp?

- “Your technique is much better now” (from coaches)

- “You look good!” (from friends)

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your journey?

- Being consistent had been my hardest obstacle to overcome due to life events & personal-emotional roadblocks, but the fear of losing my progress & the results I had developed always made me return to pick up where I left off.

Who would you recommend Strength Camp SF to?

- Everyone I can! I've talked about Strength Camp to various friends.

What does it mean to you to grow stronger?

- Besides being physically stronger, it translates to making me feel stronger mentally & emotionally. When I complete a class or hit a new PR, I felt like I’ve completed a challenge & I've become someone slightly better than I was before!

What is your favorite thing about Strength Camp? What makes it unique from other gyms?

- The sense of community where everyone supports each other to learn & grow stronger together, such as fellow members cheering for me when I attempt heavy lifts or providing tips to improve my form! They would call me out too if I'm gone for too long! Having a coach supervise my exercises, so I know what & when to correct mistakes. Coach Andy & Kobe has been instrumental in making sure I don’t repeat past mistakes that had led to serious injuries in the past.

What is your least favorite thing about Strength Camp?

- When people show up without signing up, leading to overcrowded classes. That affects my anxiety about potential COVID outbreaks.