Patrick Hamada

Patrick Hamada

Strength Camp Coach


  • Strength and conditioning
  • Bodybuilding
  • Corrective exercise
  • Functional training 
  • Powerlifting


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/animal rescue certified

Motivation & Passion


Raised by his mom and grandmother in Los Angeles, Patrick had the reputation of being the “local troublemaker.” His stepfather, a Powerlifter, noticed Patrick’s potential and challenged him to spend his time lifting weights rather than in detention. Patrick’s stepfather gave him a bench press and some plates for his 14th birthday and began training him at home where the garage had been transformed into a mini gym. This quickly became the spot where Patrick and his friends would gather to hang out, study, and lift after school and on the weekends. He started to pass along the knowledge gained from his stepdad to help his friends get stronger and lift heavier and before he even knew it, Patrick’s love and passion for fitness had been discovered. He moved to Daly City in 2012 and regularly worked out at the local 24 Hour Fitness. While he worked as an allergy technician by day, he would spend his free time training friends at the gym. Leadership staff approached him, and offered him a position as a personal trainer. Patrick’s experience spans a variety of environments such as private, semi-private, and group training in the capacities of bodybuilding, competition prep, HIIT style classes, and functional training. While he is introverted and shy, the gym is Patrick’s playground and safe space. He has been able to break out of his shell and establish connections that have grown into lifelong friendships, so much so that some are now considered family. Patrick is looking forward to calling Strength Camp home, where he will be able to collaborate with the team, network with the clients, and refine his skills.

Turning Point

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