Janet Tsui

Janet Tsui

Strength Camp Coach


  • Sprint, Speed, Agility Development
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport-Specific Training (USPSA competitive shooting)
  • Strongman Corporation, National Qualifier


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Motivation & Passion


Janet is a Clinical Lab Scientist by profession and a USPSA competitive shooter by choice. She has been involved in many sports: basketball, volleyball, dragonboat, hip hop dance, but really found herself thriving in individual sports: gymnastics, practical shooting. Fitness was always a preventative process with means to maintain cardiovascular health and strength. Janet was a “gym rat” at a young age, taking Group X classes, Turbokick, and spin. Janet saw that Coach Eric had competed in a Strongman competition through the Strength Camp SF IG page and knew she wanted to try the gym out. Not only that, she needed to develop better speed, agility, core, & stability for the sports she was involved in. When Strength Camp SF members suggested adding a lady coach onto the team, Janet had just won her first Strongman competition as a member. While training for the event, she was inspired by the sheer dedication from her SCSF competitors/peers. She loved the exchange of feedback, mental prep strategies, challenges and support within the community. From the start, she always had a vision to become a coach – Strength Camp SF allowed her a chance she couldn’t pass up.

Turning Point

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