What to expect at a Strength Camp Workout


Every Strength Camp workout is lead by one of our highly qualified coaches, and is broken down into three 20 minute phases: Structure, Strength, and Speed


The workout starts with a 20 minute warmup. Our intention here is to warm your body up for the workout, and to correct common muscular imbalances such as rounded shoulders and tight hips. Developing strong structural integrity through your body is key to carrying yourself with a strong posture, preventing injury, and performing at an optimal level.


Strength is our body’s ability to overcome resistance. Our potential strength is directly correlated with the foundation built from the structure phase. In this phase, we spend 20 minutes working on variations of the main lift of the day; either dead lifts, bench press, squats, or overhead press. Through proper programming and progression, we increase our ability to move greater loads and ultimately increase our physical strength.


It’s not enough to be strong in a few planes of motion. This phase is about expressing structure and strength in a dynamic manner. Here we incorporate circuit and interval training to increase complexity, coordination, and cardio conditioning.