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Member Testimonial - Winnie

When did you join Strength Camp?

I joined in June of 2021.

Why did you join Strength Camp?

I was trying to find a gym that I could commit to going to frequently. I didn’t mind my home workouts, but I felt like I wasn’t able to push myself harder as I didn’t have the proper equipment.

Can you describe the top 3 goals you had before starting?

I wanted to learn proper technique, get stronger, and get leaner.

Can you list the achievements you’ve had since beginning at Strength Camp?

During my first PR week, I found out I could deadlift more than 200 lbs. I remember telling Coach Andy I had no clue I could get to those numbers or even close to it, but somehow, I did it. Since then, there have been smaller achievements along the way: being able to benchpress more than just the barbell, carrying a 140 lb keg one way, or thinking that warming up without any plates feels too light now. These small achievements add up along the way and it reassures me that my body is much stronger than I originally thought.

What compliments have you received since joining Strength Camp?

It gives me so much confidence when my coaches compliment me on my form or that I’m getting stronger every week. As awesome as it is to hear these compliments, I believe it's really a testament to the coaches and how they train and educate us.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your journey?

My biggest obstacle when it comes to my fitness journey is my fear of disappointing myself. I am my own worst critic and sometimes when I’m unsure whether I can do something, I weigh the risks and want to back out. Since joining Strength Camp, I’ve learned to control these negative thoughts, load up a couple more plates on each end of the barbell, and attempt it anyway. I’ve learned that when it comes to becoming a stronger version of myself the ingredients really are: mind over matter with a spoonful of consistency and patience along the way.

What is your favorite thing about Strength Camp? What makes it unique from other gyms?

The coaches and the community makes Strength Camp an amazing place to work out. Members are there to learn something new, get stronger, and move their bodies. It’s such a supportive, encouraging, and friendly community. Even when I was an anxious beginner, everyone was so welcoming. The coaches are also pretty hilarious and I find that I see them more than I see my friends!

What is your least favorite thing about Strength Camp?

When I see battle ropes on the board. How am I only able to mimic small ripples you’d see on a pond while feeling like I’m completely dying on the inside!? I still won’t skip it though.

Who would you recommend Strength Camp to?

I’d recommend it to everyone and it doesn’t matter what their fitness level is like. Coaches will help modify workouts if a certain movement is limited. Also, no one is going to judge you if you’re not doing something right (like I have done plenty of times), so you can leave the gym anxiety at home.

What does it mean to you to grow stronger?

For me, growing stronger means being able to trust my capabilities in order to push myself past my comfort zone every week.

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