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Member Testimonial - Joshua

When did you join Strength Camp?

I joined Strength Camp back in March 2020 when we first went on lockdown. At that time, we were doing mainly outdoor workouts at Gellert Park, but I transitioned over to the gym once it opened up in November.

Why did you join Strength Camp?

During my early 20’s, I was quite overweight and so I began working out primarily to lose weight through HIIT type workouts. However, I always wanted to be able to build my strength and found that, while HIIT workouts helped me improve my endurance, it wasn’t quite helping me achieve my strength goals. I also never really knew how to properly lift weights either and so it seemed like a great opportunity. On another note, I really appreciated that, despite the quick turn into lockdown mode during 2020, Eric took quick action to ensure that his members would still be able to work out despite gym closures, etc.

Can you describe the top 3 goals you had before starting?

1. Honestly, to just learn how to lift properly – when I would see people lifting casually at 24hour, it would seem as easy to them as breathing, but when I would try lifting dumbbells or even a barbell, it would feel uncomfortable and I would always worry I wasn’t doing it right.

2. Focus more on strength – as I said, I had primarily done cardio and endurance-based workouts in the past and so strength training was something new that I wanted to try.

3. Build confidence – this kind of goes with 1 and 2, but I always felt intimidated and even dumb trying to lift weights alone/with friends. And so, I also joined because I wanted to help myself build more confidence in lifting and prove to myself that I have what it takes to get stronger too.

Can you list the achievements you’ve had since beginning at Strength Camp?

Well, I am really proud to say that I have seen a steady increase in my overall strength since I started about a year ago. Over the past year, I’ve managed to increase my bench press by nearly 70 lbs, squats by 20 (still working on this one, but not giving up!), and I’ve managed to join the 4-plate club for my deadlifts as well!

What does it mean to you to grow stronger?

To me, growing stronger isn’t just about getting ripped, buff, shredded, or any other of those typical labels you’ll see around. I mean, do I wish I was ripped or shredded, I suppose, but that’s not the main thing for me. On one hand, growing stronger physically means that I am able to carry heavier things and support more weight. However, as I said earlier, growing stronger also extends to the mind – developing and maintaining healthy habits, building confidence in yourself to be able to take on new challenges, allowing yourself time to rest because gym addiction is a real thing, and also understanding that failure is just part of the process to improving yourself. Growing stronger is not something that happens overnight, but is something that is a compilation of small steps in varying areas of your life (i.e. diet, exercise, rest, etc.) that, when combined, help make your life more wholesome.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your journey?

Myself. For me, lifting really challenges me mentally to face my own self-doubts, my fears of dropping the bar (literally just thinking about squats here), or my fear of failing. It tests me to believe in myself, but also to trust my workout buddies and coaches for support. For people that are newer to lifting, it can indeed be intimidating to try it for fear of not being good enough or of hurting yourself. However, I never would have made my current achievements, nor set myself up to continue achieving new goals if I hadn’t tried.

What is your favorite thing about Strength Camp? What makes it unique from other gyms?

I would say that the community and also the coaches. While all gyms have a particular community and obviously have professionals around to assist, I’ve never been to any gym where the community and also the coaches are as supportive (even if we don’t know each other) as they are at Strength Camp. With the coaches, I feel comfortable asking for advice on lifting and I really value the positive and supportive environment that they foster for their members.

What is your least favorite thing about Strength Camp? Nothing really. Trying to be nitpicky here too and I can’t think of anything. Who would you recommend Strength Camp to? Anyone that is interested in building strength, yes, but also anyone that wants to challenge themselves to grow mentally and physically in whatever capacity that might be. If you’re looking for a fun gym with a supportive community that challenges you to be the best that you can be, you’ll find it at Strength Camp.

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