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Member Testimonial - Jen

When did you join Strength Camp?

I’ve been a member since the location opened in Fall 2020, but I’ve been training with Coach Eric for over two years now after meeting him at my old gym.

Why did you join Strength Camp?

I joined because I trusted Coach Eric and his programming. I also learned that I preferred strength training and lifting weights over strict cardio-based workouts. I knew that in order to reach my goals in terms of body composition and muscle growth I needed to focus on lifting.

Can you describe the top 3 goals you had before starting?

· Grow muscle

· Lose body fat

· Back squat comfortably without hip/groin pain (this was a big issue and at one time I couldn’t even squat 135lbs because of pain).

Can you list the achievements you’ve had since beginning at Strength Camp?

· 280lbs deadlift and 215lbs squat

· Better lower body mobility

· Overall more fit than I was when I initially started.

What compliments have you received since joining Strength Camp?

-Being included amongst the elite Strength Camp deadlifters by Coach Eric is the best compliment I have received. The other coaches and members have noticed my gains and how much progress I have made over the last few months and it feels really good!

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your journey?

I have a mild case of scoliosis so some of the carrying exercises (anything one-handed) can be hard because of how my body leans to one side. It’s a huge struggle at times, but I try to just get through it. Nutrition is also a struggle at times.

What is your favorite thing about Strength Camp? What makes it unique from other gyms?

The warmup is long but it’s very beneficial and has made a huge difference in how I lift. The emphasis on how important it is to take the time to properly warm-up is much appreciated. It’s also amazing how supportive and encouraging the community is. We are all there to grow stronger together!

What is your least favorite thing about Strength Camp?

I wish that the ‘Strength’ phase of the workout was longer. Sometimes I feel a bit rushed, especially when sharing a barbell with another person. Also, I don’t like any exercises requiring me to shuffle backward and any turf-related exercises because they’re exhausting.

Who would you recommend Strength Camp to?

Strength Camp is for everyone regardless of fitness level or lifestyle, but I would definitely recommend it to women in particular. I love seeing women in the gym taking up space and growing stronger.

What does it mean to you to grow stronger?

I am so much more confident in and out of the gym now than I was when I first started. I’m more accepting of compliments and I don’t deny my strength anymore because I know what I’m capable of now. There is no point in being modest when you have the ability to lift hundreds of pounds. It’s a powerful thing.

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