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Member Testimonial - Alexis

Updated: Mar 6

When did you join Strength Camp?

I joined at the beginning of May 2021.

Why did you join Strength Camp?

My best friend, @morenita__415, started training there and invited me to try out a class. I've been going to commercial gyms on and off before that and wanted to try something new.

Can you describe the top 3 goals you had before starting?

My top 3 goals were to get stronger, have better form, and stay consistent.

Can you list the achievements you’ve had since beginning at Strength Camp?

Being consistent at the gym has always been a struggle for me and I'm happy to say that I've been going 3 to 4 times a week most weeks! Another achievement I've made, although small to some, is comfortably benching and working out with the barbell. Before I stepped foot at Strength Camp and even after working out at commercial gyms, I felt very intimidated by the barbell, but now I feel super comfortable with it after learning proper form and technique. I'm not where I want to be strength-wise yet, but I've been seeing major progress since joining.

What compliments have you received since joining Strength Camp?

Getting stronger was always my main priority but the physical changes that come with it are always a nice bonus. Over these months, I've noticed muscle building in places I haven't seen, my back especially! I've been complimented on my physique and just getting stronger in general. It's very encouraging to see your hard work come to fruition and I'm excited to keep going as my progress has also been building my self-confidence!

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your journey?

The biggest obstacle I've faced in my journey is feeling weak compared to others. I'm a smaller person, so stepping into a gym where people are pulling 2x and 3x times their weight was intimidating! During my early weeks, I was skeptical of how strong I will get training for only an hour a day as I used to be in the gym for 2 to 3, but the numbers don't lie and I've been pulling more weight than I've ever had. Since then, I've gotten over that feeling because of the progress I've been making.

What does it mean to you to grow stronger?

Growing stronger means growing independence. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and as I get older, it becomes more and more important to build your body and muscles to maintain your physical and mental independence! Overall, it's an empowering experience and I want to continue building my strength for as long as I can.

Who would you recommend Strength Camp to?

The best thing about Strength Camp is you can come in at any level of your fitness and strength journey. They'll accommodate your needs and help get you to where you want to be, so I'd recommend it to anyone who is determined to hit their goals all while being a part of a community.

What is your least favorite thing about Strength Camp?

Even though I constantly check the time during the last circuit of the workout (I'm exhausted by then), I wish the classes were longer! Sometimes I feel rushed to get the workouts done especially when it's a packed class -- it can be difficult to finish all the sets sometimes. Allowing more time or splitting the workouts among the class may solve this is.

What is your favorite thing about Strength Camp? What makes it unique from other gyms? My favorite thing about Strength Camp that makes it unique from other gyms is the sense of community. Everyone is super encouraging and you can feel the positive energy where everyone just wants to see everyone else win. Having that really does make a difference in your motivation to complete the workouts and hit new PRs.

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