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Lifestyle Coaching Testimonial - Samar

Samar wanted to fit in her wedding dress before her big day. Did the dress fit? Read Samar's testimonial to find out (Hint: Yes)!


What led you to lifestyle coaching?

"I was getting married on July 4, 2021, and tried everything to lose weight. I didn’t like going to the gym, but my cousin convinced me that this gym was a different environment. I decided to join Strength Camp SF and loved it.

I always worked my butt off in class, but still didn’t see the scale change. One day after class, I asked Eric how I could lose weight so that I could fit in my wedding dress. He sat down with me and asked about my daily routine and nutrition. Eric formulated a plan to help me lose weight just in time for my wedding."

What was your experience like working with Eric?

"In the span of six months, I lost over 20 pounds, got stronger, and was able to fit in my wedding dress!

Over the weeks, Eric explained how we could make specific changes in my daily routine such as meal timing and adding low-intensity, steady-state cardio to help with weight loss. Eric’s suggestions to our plan were easy to make, and he always took his time to make sure I understood any changes to be made.

I was happy with the results and was able to fit in my dress sooner than anticipated. If I lost any more weight, I’d have to get a new dress! I was really confident and happy with the way I looked. I can honestly say Eric is the best trainer and lifestyle coaching was definitely worth it for me!"

Who would you recommend lifestyle coaching for?

"Trusting and following Eric’s plan put me at ease, and I didn’t stress anymore about losing weight for my wedding. After hiring Eric, and formulating a plan, I knew I'd definitely make it to my target weight. I highly recommend lifestyle coaching to anyone that wants a guaranteed plan for your goals!"


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