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Lifestyle Coaching Testimonial - Adolf

Adolf wanted to change his life and was in need of a "reawakening." He contacted Eric for Lifestyle Coaching and the rest is history. Read about Adolf's experience below!


What led you to lifestyle coaching?

"I always enjoyed working out. Unfortunately, I would get in shape and start going off the rails due to partying, getting injured, and just plain quitting. I desired a lot of things in life: get off my medications, lose weight, get stronger, live to my potential, and just be happy. I had gotten out of a long relationship and felt like I needed a “reawakening.” With a stroke of luck, I walked by Strength Camp SF and decided to sign up after my first class.

I worked hard and got to know Eric along the way. From that point on, I knew I wanted to surround myself with people like him that are on the right track. So, I consulted Eric for 1 on 1 coaching. He evaluated my lifestyle and wrote an entire plan, tailor-made for me to break through the plateau I was going through."

What results did you achieve through lifestyle changes?

"As a result of hard work, and Eric’s direction, I saw immediate results. I got stronger, gained muscle mass, lost 30 pounds, and placed third in a Strongman competition!

However, I felt like I was indulging too much because I thought that I could keep eating and drinking whatever I wanted since I was working out so much. Eric was able to see what I was doing wrong, and he was able to correct that by asking the right questions and making small adjustments to our plan.

After I lost the original 30 pounds, I was able to drop another 10 just by making the minor changes Eric suggested. The changes were actually easy to make, and I confidently knew exactly what was needed to reach my goals. I still feel like I have ways to go but, with Eric continuing to coach me, I am certain I will achieve my goals and come up with new ones to reach!"

Who would you recommend lifestyle coaching to?

"I recommend anyone who struggles with knowing how to reach their goals, consider lifestyle coaching with these guys! The questionnaire was very thorough and insightful for me. Even if you just need the motivation and accountability, it can be worth it!"


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