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Holistic Health Lifestyle Coaching

Our Strength Camp Program follows scientific principles that includes exactly what you need, into a 1 hour workout, to continuously make progress. Members that show up consistently are essentially guaranteed to gain strength, improve body composition, and increase cardio conditioning.  


The thing is, there are 23 more hours in the day. What you’re doing with these hours will affect your fitness, physiology, and body composition to a great degree. Optimizing external factors besides just your workouts (which should be on point if you’re coming to classes) can greatly speed up your progress. 


Our aim, as coaches, is to make sure your nutrition (what you’re eating and its timing), daily routine, sleep, and other habits, are geared towards your specific goals. 


Last year, I helped two of our members, Samar Khoury and Adolf Rahmer, lose a significant amount of weight. Samar hired me to lose weight for her wedding, and Adolf hired me because we became good friends and trusted my knowledge to get him where he wanted to be. By evaluating Samar and Adolf’s daily routines, and nutritional habits, I put together a plan to help them lose weight, educating them about how each change would get them closer to their goals.


Samar actually lost more weight a lot quicker than she had anticipated, and had to stop losing weight so that she wouldn’t have to buy a new wedding dress. You can read about Samar and Adolf’s experience working with me through this link:


As fitness professionals, we have a deep understanding of human physiology that allows us to see what we can change in your day-to-day habits and routines to produce results in a sustainable way. The more you know, the easier it is to achieve your goals!


If you’re not getting the results you want, or as quickly as you want, hiring a coach to work closely with you will GUARANTEE your desired results. 


Again, we can work hard as hell in the gym, but that’s only 1 out of 24 hours in your day. Optimize everything else and ensure your fitness success. 


People who will benefit from this service include individuals who want to lose fat, gain muscle, increase energy, or simply if you just need an additional support system to hold you accountable in creating healthy habits.


If you’re interested in lifestyle coaching, please fill out the questionnaire below! Then, we’ll connect you with myself, or one of our coaches, to meet and see what will be a good fit for you. 


Pricing is $500/month ($800 to work directly with me, Eric), paid after you find a coach that is a good fit for you. This includes one meeting a week in person, as well as unlimited text messaging access with your coach to ask questions and get the support you need! 


Yes, it is more expensive than a membership. But also consider: how important are your fitness goals to you? Are you able to get there yourself? We guarantee that we have the knowledge and resources to get you there. You just need to follow our plan! 


If you’re dissatisfied with lifestyle coaching after a month, we have no problem issuing you a full refund. But know that when you hire one of us, we’ll make it our mission to help you achieve your goals.


With our coaching, you’ll not only be guided, but also educated about how and why our suggested lifestyle changes will move you towards your goals. The aim is to eventually get you independent and self sufficient, so that YOU can continue to become the strongest version of yourself and INSPIRE others.


If you’re interested in our lifestyle coaching, proceed to fill out the questionnaire below!